Newton's Teacher Training Program Featured in 'The Atlantic'

Trainee teachers work with master teachers at Newton's two high schools.

"The Atlantic" featured a piece on cutting the cost of teacher training, and the story used a program used in Newton as a example of a way to do it more cost effectively.

The Newton Teacher Residency program provides a one-year licensure process where the trainee spends a year in a classroom of one of the district's master teachers. They observe and then gradually take ownership of the teaching, according to the story in The Atlantic.

The whole program costs $5,000, which is much lower than other programs, according to the article. Many other trainee teachers are "thrown in the deep end," said Jonathan Bassett, director of the program.

The program is at a small scale - eight trainees per year - and the trainees pay $5,000 in tuition to the district. Bassett said he believes any district could adopt a similar program.

The program started in 2007 and is run at Newton's two high schools, according to a release from the Newton Public Schools. Newton recently started a residency program in partnership with Lesley University to provide master's degrees in education.

Read the entire story in The Atlantic by clicking here.

The Newton Teacher Residency program was also featured recently on WBUR. Click here for more details.


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