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VIDEO: 'The Hunger Games' Arrive at Newton North

As part of the 'One School, One Book' program, Newton North students and faculty reenacted 'The Hunger Games' Tuesday morning in Dickinson Stadium.

For roughly an hour Tuesday morning, Newton North's Dickinson Stadium was transformed into Panem's Hunger Games arena. 

Don't worry, though, no students were harmed in the reenactment of the games. 

As part of the "One School, One Book" program, Newton North High School students and faculty played out their version of The Hunger Games on Tuesday, Oct. 2 in an event known as the "Tiger Hunger Games."

Newton North Principal Jennifer Price played the role of Effie Trinket, donning a bright orange jacket and white wig. Price buzzed around the stadium on a Segway-like scooter, wishing everyone a "Happy Hunger Games!" and periodically posing discussion questions to the students in the crowd.

The school was broken up into 13 districts to represent the 13 districts of Panem, the setting of The Hunger Games. One male and one female student from each district was chosen to be a "tribute", or a Hunger Games participant.

According to Newton North's school paper, The Newtonite, more than 200 students applied to be tributes.

After seven rounds, Sean Fitzpatrick, a sophomore from District 1, was deemed the Tiger Hunger Games' overall winner.

The seven challenges included both athletic and intellectual events. Students raced to duck under hurdles, practiced archery skills and answered trivia about the The Hunger Games novel by Suzanne Collins, which was required summer reading for the whole school. 

One School, One Book branched off last year's . Over the summer, all of Newton North read the novel in order to come together and discuss its themes and ideas as a community. 

Newton South's One School, One Book program centered around The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. for a series of presentations, panels and discussions around the themes of that book.


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