Whiz Kid: Rhythmic Gymnast Thrives in Memory of Her Aunt

This week's Whiz Kid is a dedicated gymnast who has learned quite a bit in just three years of training.

Name: Nadia Salie

Age: 12

School: Brown Middle School

Accomplishment: Three years ago, Nadia began taking gymnastics classes at Rhythmic Dreams in West Newton (with no prior gymnastics experience). Under the guidance of coaches Smaranda Moisescu and Ionela Majeri, she has learned a ton. Now, she's a Level Seven gymnast

Nadia's aunt Rahma was a dedicated gymnast in an International School Team when Nadia's family lived in Tokyo. Nadia's father Afkham vividly remembers the joy of watching his sister Rahma perform at gymnastics competitions.

Nadia tragically lost her beloved aunt in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Fortunately, the gymnastics talent was passed down to Nadia. In addition to her natural talent, the Rhythmic Dreams gymnastics program in West Newton has played a huge part in developing her skill.

Seeing Nadia perform is a great joy in itself, but her talent and striking resemblance to her aunt reminds Afkham of watching his sister in Tokyo.

Nadia loves the sport, her teammates, and her coach. She improves significantly each year, thanks to her dedication and her coaches.


Key to Awesomeness: Nadia says, “One person who inspires me and keeps me focused is my coach, Ionela Majeri. She has gotten me from where I was three years ago, which was nowhere, to where I am now, a level 7 gymnast."

"I am also inspired by my teammates," Nadia continues. "It is an all girl sport, so we are all like sisters. We spend around 15 hours a week training together as well. The sport is all about improving and working beyond our limits and that is why I train. It has taught me that hard work pays off. The best feeling for a rhythmic gymnast is at a competition, when your name is called for an award."

"Another source of inspiration is my father, who constantly tells me stories and shows me photos of an aunt I once had who was a talented artistic gymnast," Nadia says.

Nomination information provided by Afkham Salie. On March 3 and 4, Rhythmic Dreams will be hosting The Valentine Cup and Massachusetts State Championships at the Shady Hill School in Cambridge


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